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Wine, Gastronomy & Culture!

A good tip is to choose a village with basic services available.

If there is a café/bar, a restaurant or two, a small shop, a bakery, a wine store and perhaps a pharmacy within reach your everyday life will be much more comfortable.


Some villages have a livelier cultural life than others and thus offer more experiences as well as improving the contact with others living in the village. At the “Ajuntamiento” (the Mayor’s office/municipality) you will find information about events and services offered. Check if the town has a Facebook page. There you will also find interesting information and local contacts.


What are the future plans of the town? Is there a new city plan to be decided upon in the near future? Will there be a lot of new buildings and development projects? Is there a municipality sewage system? Will there be internet via fiber? At the “Ajuntamiento” you will find a lot of important information which may affect your investment decision. Some information can be found on their website, but it’s best to book an appointment with the municipality architect.


Seek the help of a technical architect who inspects the house before you make a down payment. You want to know the state of the construction, if the house has been affected by “aluminosis” (the concrete of the main structure is withering), if there’s any damage due to moist, etc. If you plan on making changes to the structure of the house you must check with the municipality that this is allowed. Any reconstruction and additions require a building permit.