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Tall Mountains & Activity!

Where you will live depends partly on how far away from the airport you are willing to go: 2 or 3/3.5 hours?

The Pyrenees start at Girona and go inland along the French border. The small, exclusive country of Andorra is located right on the border. The further in you go, the taller the mountains and greener and wilder the nature. Where you will end up living depends on how far away from the airport you are willing to go: 2 or 3/3.5 hours? Closer to the airport you’ll find many great villages and a lot of nature, for example the national park Pedraforca with high mountains and the ski resort La Molina, but if you’re willing to drive further you will reach paradise in the really tall mountain areas, with a lot of peaks reaching 3.000 meters or higher, wild nature and incredibly picturesque villages.

Do you want to live in a larger city or more secluded? Keep in mind that winter accessibility may be more difficult in less populated areas/small towns as a result of the snow. Most people in Spain do not use winter tires, but rather snow chains. The slightly larger villages like Benasque, Vielha and Espot offer both charm and a good range of services, while accessibility is good throughout the year. If you want to rent your place out when you are not using it yourself, accessibility and proximity to the ski resorts are important. It is partly to get good occupancy and partly to be close to a company that will help you manage the rental.

Some resorts are more touristy than others. Do you prefer to have year-round neighbors or are you fine with seasonal neighbors? The character of the accommodation in the towns give them different images. Although the Pyrenees do not have as high a level of tourism as the Alps, well-known resorts such as Benasque and Espot may get crowded during peak season (both winter and summer). Just a few km outside of the more famous tourist resorts you will find small villages with rustic and genuine surroundings, and a large number of residential neighbors and access to services nearby.


Higher up in the mountains it gets cold in the late autumn and winter. Be sure to choose a house with heating, or that you can install some kind of heating system.